When leading a business, it’s vital to ensure that the company has a clear purpose and vision. This gives meaning to the work your team does daily and helps unite every department through shared goals and values. However, it can be challenging to communicate a business purpose clearly. It requires intentional reflection and collaboration. Here are some steps to take to determine the purpose of your business.

Explore Through Questions

Before starting any real theorizing, ask yourself and your team intentional questions to explore your business purpose. These questions might include asking about the original inspiration behind the business, why it’s interesting, what problems you solve, what values you promote, and more. Collect the answers to all of these questions to ensure everyone is on the same page and start pulling together a cohesive vision of your business.

Brainstorm With Team

Then, connect with your team and brainstorm. It’s essential to involve everyone, as different departments have unique understandings of their own corner of the business. This ensures everyone is able to identify with the business purpose and feels involved in the development process.

Research Industry

Odds are high that your business is not the only one in its industry. When determining your business purpose, it can be helpful to research other companies in your industry, including your direct competitors. This can help you ensure your business purpose fits within the industry while also highlighting what makes you and your company unique.

Keep It Simple

Your business purpose should be able to be summarized in a clear and concise statement. While you may have a longer, more detailed form in your company handbook or similar resources, ensuring that your team has something pithy and memorable to reflect on is vital. This can be posted in your office, on your websites, on official publications, and more.

Share Your Vision

Finally, share your purpose with others. Having a business purpose is only helpful if everyone is on the same page. Additionally, advertising your business purpose on your website, social media, and other resources can help customers connect with your values and feel confident in giving you their business.


Developing a business purpose can feel intimidating, as it is a broad concept deeply ingrained in how you do business. However, taking these steps can help you reflect on your values and business practices in a productive way, leading to a definite purpose that will ensure your team can unite under common goals to drive growth and success for many years to come.