Dr. Calvin Knowlton


Experienced Healthcare Executive and Entrepreneur in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Currently based in Amelia Island, FL, Dr. Calvin Knowlton is an experienced healthcare executive who has built over ten successful businesses, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. He is passionate about the industry and is especially interested in pharmacogenomics, pharmacokinetics, and similar areas of research. These concepts explore how an individual’s unique genetic makeup and other qualities can interact with medications. With this kind of knowledge, Dr. Calvin has dedicated his career to helping manage risks associated with medications and helping improve patient outcomes through more informed treatment plans.

In his years as an entrepreneur, Dr. Calvin Knowlton has built multiple successful enterprises. He launched the first fully computerized pharmacy in New Jersey in 1973, and then in 1996, he founded Hospice Pharmacia, which later became excelleRX. This company worked with hundreds of hospice programs to manage medications safely, eventually growing to be worth over $250 million. After selling Hospice Pharmacia, his next major venture was Tabula Rasa HealthCare in Morristown, New Jersey. This family of companies was focused on providing technology with the goal of improving healthcare. They work with healthcare facilities across the United States, improving economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes through technology, education, and consulting services. His current endeavor is called Spyglass Healthcare.

Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur and business executive, Dr. Calvin Knowlton spent many years investing in higher education. Personally, he has earned multiple degrees. After completing his undergraduate studies in pharmacy at Temple University, he attended Princeton Theological Seminary, where he earned his Master of Divinity degree. Then, he attended the University of Maryland, where he received his Ph.D. in Pharmacoeconomics. Later, he was also awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Maryland.

After completing his education, Dr. Calvin Knowlton chose to give back to students as an educator. He directed continuing education for pharmacists with the New Jersey Pharmacists Association and then spent several years teaching at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Sciences, where he eventually became the department chair. While he no longer teaches in formal settings as a career, Dr. Calvin is still involved in multiple boards and associations, where he has the opportunity to share his knowledge and expertise with other professionals in the field. Some examples include serving as the Chair of the Board of the Evergreens Continuing Care Retirement Community, helping found the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, and being a board member for multiple medical organizations.

Dr. Calvin Knowlton has been recognized multiple times for his work and leadership throughout his successful career. He has been awarded multiple times for his entrepreneurial ventures, and in 2015, he received the Remington Honor Medal, the highest honor in the United States for pharmacy professionals.